Notable Press, Reviews, and Interviews:

Melegrito, Jon “Meet the Team Behind “The Girl Who Sees,” a Filipino Adventure Video GameManila Mail 11 December 2018. Online.

US Inquirer "PH makes a presence at kids’ int’l festival in Washington" Inquirer 3 May 2018.  Print and Online.

Roberts, Rachel "Talking About This Generation" Rockefeller Foundation 19 December 2017.  Online Interviews


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Grames, Robert E. "CD Review" Fanfare Magazine Issue 41:2 (November/December 2017). Print and Online Review

Roberts, Rachel "What Drives Youth to Action as Agents of Transformative Change?" 27 October 2017.  Online Interview

Harris, Louis "Chicago Soundings and Fulcrum Point Displays Contemporary Music Flair" Third Coast Review 22 September 2017. Print and Online Review

Dixon, Annette "Fulcrum Point's New Music Project" Village Voice 3 October 2017. Print and Online

Davy, Debra "'Discoveries: Hear and Be Heard' Preview: Fulcrum Point New Music Project at The Merit School of Music" Splash Magazine 11 September 2017. Online

Kosikowski, Ashlea "Young Wilmington Composer Talks About Experience in Rockefeller Foundation Residency" NBC Wilmington 30 August 2017.  TV Interview and Online

Rockefeller Foundation Interview.  15 August 2017.  Online Interview

Rockefeller Foundation "Meet our Bellagio Youth Residents" 11 August 2017. Online Interview

Juech, Claudia and Rachel Roberts "Building a Generation of Change Agents" 25 July 2017. Online

Rockefeller Foundation "The Rockefeller Foundation Announces Thematic Residency on Youth" 25 July 2017.  Online

Thoreson, Becky "GRIT Collaborative Presents Water: Our World at PLAC October 13th" Explore Okoboji/KUOOFM. 11 October 2016. Print, Online, and Radio

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