Slough (2015)

for violin solo
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Purchase Slough on Architectures (RMN Classical)



Premiered by Andrew Gentzsch at the University of Iowa 24+24 Hour Concert

Performed by Andrew Gentzsch on GRIT at the Englert Theatre (IA)

Performed by Andrew Gentzsch for Water: Our World at the Pearson Lakes Art Center

Recorded by Carmine Marcello Rizzi on Architectures (RMN Classical 2016)


Program Notes:

Through the process of degradation, Slough transforms into different states through changes in texture, articulation, character, etc...  Transient emphasis and greater use of noise elements disintegrate the material, over time, in tandem with further destruction of the spectra.  Timbre is the primary developmental element in Slough. The extreme contrasts, throughout, are representational of the chunky shedding that is associated with the word "slough".